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 Concert Schedules

 Date                           City                        Artist


09/05/14                   Tulsa, Oklahoma                    Sir Charles Jones


09/06/14                  Charleston, South Carolina     Latimore, Dennis Edwards & The Temptations,

                                                                                Klass Band Brotherhood, Calvin Richarson


09/06/14                  Tupelo, Mississippi                  Willie Clayton


09/06/14                   Tchula, Mississippi                  Bigg Robb, Lady Trucker, Wood


09/06/14                   Shreveport, Louisiana             T.K. Soul, Luster Baker 


09/06/14                   Pascagoula, Mississippi          Mel Waiters


09/07/14                   Robinsonville, Mississippi       Theodis Ealey


09/07/14                   Jackson, Mississippi                Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush, LaMorris

                                                                                  LaMorris Williams, Ms. Jody, Nellie "Tiger"

                                                                                 Travis, Little Miss Soul, T-Baby


09/11/14                    New Orleans, Louisiana         Bobby Rush, Allen Toussaint


09/12/14                    San Antonio, Texas                Mel Waiters  


09/12/14                    Belzoni, Mississippi                 Columbus Toy, Chris Ivey 


09/13/14                    Tyler, Texas                            Omar Cunningham, Ms. Genii


09/13/14                    Montgomery, Alabama            Karen Wolfe, J-Wonn, Sir Charles Jones,

                                                                                  T.K. Soul


09/14/14                    Lake Charles, Louisiana          J- Red


09/19/14                    Houston, Texas                       Theodis Ealey, Kenne Wayne


09/19/14                    Greenville, Mississippi             Avial Hollywood, Ms. Jody


09/20/14                    West Point, Mississippi           Sir Charles Jones


09/20/14                    Grennville, Mississippi            Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush, Grady Champion

                                                                                  Syleena Johnson, Lucky Peterson


09/27/14                    Kansas City, Missouri              Bobby Rush


09/27/14                    BaySprings, Mississippi          Avail Hollywood


10/04/14                    Greenwood, Mississippi          Jeff Floyd, Bigg Robb, Sheba Potts-Wright

                                                                                  Omar Cunningham, Terry Wright 


10/04/14                     Texarkana, Arkansas              Avail Hollywood


10/18/14                     Austin, Texas                          Avail Hollywood  


10/18/14                     Tunica, Mississippi                  T.K. Soul and Band


10/18/14                     Gulf Port, Mississippi               L.J. Echols


10/19/14                     New Orleans, Louisiana          Mel Waiters


10/24/14                     Birmingham, Alabama             Calvin Richardson, Frankie Beverley & Maze


10/25/14                      Wildsville, Louisiana               T.K. Soul


11/01/14                      Pachuta, Mississippi                Avail Hollywood


11/08/14                      Austin, Texas                          T.K. Soul, Sir Charles Jones, Willie Clayton

                                                                                     Lenny Williams


11/08/14                      Greenwood, Mississippi           L.J. Echols


11/09/14                      Houston, Texas                        Avail Hollywood


11/14/14                      Jacksonville, Florida                 Clarence Carter


11/14/14                      Dallas, Texas                           L.J. Echols


11/28/14                       Shelby, Mississippi                  Avail Hollywood


12/20/14                       Texarkana, Texas                   Avail Hollywood  (Christmas Ball)


12/14/15                       Hooks, Texas                          Avail Hollywood








































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